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Greenery In The Workplace


Like plants in the home, greenery in an office spruces up the area while providing cost effective health and psychological benefits. You often find plants in the reception area, but employees also benefit from plants in their work areas. More greenery the better!


Top reasons plants are a must at home and at work:


·      Décor: Plants are a great way to fill a large, empty corner or add a neutral, pop of color to your desk, they can be an inexpensive way to add some life to your environment without thinking too much about what direction you want to go with décor or having a bunch of chachkies to dust.


·      Boost your mood: The same reason everyone wants an office with a view, no one likes to look are bare walls all day, studies show that plants in the home and workplace can boost your mood, productivity, lowering stress, anxiety and even depression. If live plants are too much for you, even photos of plants have been shown to be beneficial to your environment.


·      Community: Work is all about building relationships, Plants can give your office a sense of community, having an office plant can bring the office together in many ways, decorate your office plant for the holidays, give he/she a name, like a school pet, someone has to volunteer to take “George” home over Christmas break. Sometimes It’s the little, silly things that can bring your office together.


·      Cleanliness: It’s true that plants are natures air purifiers; however, it would take a considerably large amount of plants to successfully cleanse your office air, but, plants in the workplace give the impression of an up-kept environment, simply because everyone knows you can’t keep a plant alive without giving it a little attention. This attention to your workspace can go a long way in impressing your co-workers and clients.

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