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How To Repair Scuffed Metal

Even if you’re cautious and take good care of your office furniture, accidents still happen. A scratch or scuff on raw steel can be unsightly and degrade the overall aesthetic of the furniture piece. These scratches and scuffs leave the piece of steel more vulnerable to damage and things like rust. Fortunately, repairing a scratch or scuff on our raw steel furniture is easy if you just follow these 5 steps!

1. Wipe the scratch with a dry, clean rag

This helps to remove any remaining metal or dust particles that may affect the repair process.

2. Apply Rust-Oleum Matte Clear Enamel

This part is very important. Shake the spray can well. You must spray the scratch or scuff carefully, 10-16” inches away from the surface of the scuff. Apply the spray in a smooth, back and forth motion until the scuff or scratch begins to fade/disappear.

3. Let spray dry for 30 minutes

After 30 minutes of drying, you will notice that your scratch or scuff has disappeared! If the scuff is still visible, you can wipe the spot with a clean rag again, and apply a second coat. 

When it comes to purchasing Iron Age Office furniture, you truly are purchasing furniture that is built to last a lifetime. Our furniture is built to a high standard, with raw materials that stay raw. When that high standard of furniture gets damaged, it can be very scary, which is why we use raw materials which can always be repaired. As you can see the repairal  process for scratched metal is a breeze!

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