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The Carruca Workspace | Commercial Design

The Carruca Office Desk is a popular design for many of our clients. It is clean cut, modern design and also has a powerful industrial style. Allowing the end user to combine other modern furnishings to create a unique modern industrial style.

The Carruca Office Desk is a great desk for executives, CEO's lawyers and looks great in a home office. We often work with clients who use our products to furnish the exec offices in commercial spaces, then sourcing standard cookie cutter benching for the employee workstations. With that in mind we designed the Carruca benching, this allows you to create a powerful, modern industrial design throughout the workspace and gives your employees a work space to take pride in.

Below is an article taken from about square footage in the workspace and it really hits the nail on the head as to why we introducing the Carruca bench to our product line...

....."Instead of opting for desks with drawer space available to be filled to the brim with files and personal items, employers are looking for ways to turn what was once personal space into a communal asset.

"You have to start looking at space differently in terms of how people are working and where they're spending they're time," said Fran Ferrone, director of the Center for Workplace Innovations at Mancini Duffy, a Manhattan-based architecture firm. That's where tactics like benching and hoteling come in, she said.

Benching is a form of seating in which employees are sitting at a long bench with a communal table instead of the old-fashioned cubicle farm, allowing the division between workers' areas to be smaller and easier to shift, whereas hoteling is a policy in which workers reserve a space for themselves on the day they're in the office and then pack up and leave afterward. These kind of shifts make a lot of sense as long as employers accurately gauge their space needs at high-traffic times said Ferrone.

"In our research, we've found that the average workweek has a huge peak on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Monday and Friday, people aren't in the office as much," she said. "You need to account for when you have the greatest needs, and make sure there is space for that."

All this squeezing and reshaping is coming about for a variety of reasons, according to local sources. First, there's the economic need. But there's also the need to keep up with the evolving needs and desires of workers as the world around us changes.

"The why is very simple: It's cost related," said Jeff Williams, executive managing director of Colliers International's Stamford office. "We're not shrinking people's workspaces to make them happier. We're not doing that to increase morale, but instead for cost savings purposes."

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