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Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc.



As a construction company, one of the greatest assets to showcase your construction is your own building itself. That's exactly what Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc. had in mind. During the end stages of the development, BBC reached out to Iron Age Office, to furnish their new office. Upon learning more about what it is that Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc does and how they came to be, we quickly realized how perfectly Iron Age Office furniture fits into Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc. 

When it comes to furnishing a construction based office, Iron Age Office simply knows best. Not only do we have a myriad of construction based clients, but our furniture aligns very closely with the fundamentals of construction. Iron Age Office furniture is built to last a lifetime..... and then some. Just like when you hire a construction company, you expect whatever they construct to last a long time. 

Owning higher quality furniture, that is built to last, showcases your own quality of work when it comes to construction. It's this exact thought that brought BBC to Iron Age Office. Based in Cartersville, Georgia, Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc. was formed in 2013 by Eric Brasington and Marvin Bailey to provide commercial metal framing, drywall, ceilings and specialty general contracting for commercial construction projects located in the Southeastern United States.We loved getting the opportunity to work with Brasington Bailey Construction, Inc. and we'd love to get to know and work with your business too!  At Iron Age Office, we firmly believe that the highest quality offices give birth to the highest quality work. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.

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