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The Tribute Companies



When it comes to starting a new prioject, there is always one key detail that sticks out; design. The Tribute Companies specialize in an area that many may not expect; cemetery layout, design and construction services, including, but not limited to: Funeral Home and Cemetery Architecture and Land Planning. Even though our industries are completely different, our sense of design is one in the same. With Iron Age's sense of design for designing furniture & Tribute Co.'s sense of layout design, we knew that we could work together to create something amazing.

The Tribute Co.'s got the full treatment, being outfitted with height adjustable desks, a standing glen conference table, a reception desk, and credenzas. The end result was a total wash of their ordinary workspace, and a upgrade to an industrial masterpiece. 

The end project was astonishing, consisting of a more modern and up to date feel, while still maintaining functionality. What was once a blank canvas now consists of workstations, a communal area, height adjustable desks, and tables. One of the true beauties of Iron Age is that we work tirelessly to fit the individual needs of every client.  If you can dream it, we can craft it.  Reach out today and see what Iron Age Office can do for you. 

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