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Triple Aim Consulting



This week we took a road trip up to Triple im Consulting in Milton, Georgia. Triple Aim Consulting just moved into a brand new, blank space. Being that they're a consulting firm, dealing with people on a daily basis, they knew they needed furniture that would impress anyone who walks into their facility. Iron Age Office was the obvious choice. Upon seeing pictures of the new, empty space, we knew that we could fill it perfectly.

Iron Age office fitted Triple Aim Consulting with a full set up, consisting of communal furniture, workstations, private offices, a conference room furniture, and meeting room furniture. The new space has a very rustic and farmhouse vibe, but being located in a trendy area allows for a modern feel as well. Natural light reaches every room, enabling a very fresh and warming atmosphere.

The entire project ended better than expected. Each and every piece of furniture morphed perfectly to it's designated room. The ample natural light fills the entire workstation workspace, and the glazed wood floors contrast beautifully against every single steel leg and maple top. All in all, a huge success for both teams Triple Aim Consulting and Iron Age Office! Reach out to us today to see what we can do for you!

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